Custom order - How does it work?

Custom order - How does it work?

A large part of the wedding dresses can be made according to customer requirements.

For wedding dresses where this is possible, there is always a note.

If you have a wedding dress made to customer specifications, please note the following:


1. The size:

Choose the size closest to your size from the table. Then order this size and send us your measurements after ordering. Please take the measurements based on the instructions or, if possible, from a specialist. Then please send us the measurements with the desired color.


2. Manufacturing:

The production of the dresses varies and can take between 7 - 20 days, depending on how complex the dress is.

If you need the dress by a specific date, please let us know.


3. Shipping:

Shipping is via DHL and usually takes between 4-9 days.


4. Return:

Dresses that have been made to measure according to customer specifications are non-returnable. If you are not satisfied with the dress or if any other problems arise, please contact us within 24 hours of receiving the dress. We are here to help.


5. Costs:

There are no extra costs for making your wedding dress exactly as you wish. We offer this as a service.


Size chart:

If you choose customized products,

Please provide us with your size parameters (as shown in the picture below).


2. Waist: ___ cm/inch.

3. Hips: ___ cm/inches.

4. holloe to floor (without shoes): ___ cm/inch.

5. Height (without shoes): ___ cm/inches.

6. Sleeve length: ___ cm/inch.

7. arms cye: ___ cm/inch.

8. Arm circumference: ___ cm/inch.

9. Wrist circumference: ___ cm/inches.

10. Shoe height:___ cm/inches.

Dress back: lacing or zipper

The date the dress will be worn?


If you have other special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.